Fondues past and present

2020 was a handful

Our annual Xmas Eve fondue and champagne party was just us this year, by candlelight, with our Xmas outfits on.

I didn’t follow a recipe this year, as I think I’ve got fondue down enough to just wing it.

Handful of the following cheeses, shredded:

Cabot Seriously Sharp cheddar

Jasper Hill’s meting blend

Fontina and Gruyere

  1. Toss the shreds in two tablespoons of cornstarch so they turn all silky smooth and declump.
  2. Season with a generous dusting of freshly grated nutmeg and a couple grinds of black pepper
  3. Top it off with half a can of Long Trail Lager
  4. Melt it all together, whisked slowly in a double boiler on the stove.

Served w freshly baked bread, boiled potatoes and apple slices (Champlain Orchards Liberty

I had intended for it to just be the Jasper Hill melting blend and the lager, but we ate through much of the bag the previous night making nachos (very good, btw). It’s a very 2020 story. 

“2020 was a handful” fondue

I found the fondue to be uncharacteristically salty, though no salt was added. I’d sub cheddar for the Fontina next time. I had enough shredded cheese to make a second batch, which we will do for New Years Eve.

2019 “El Jefe”

Last year’s fondue was made with El Jefe, the holiday ale from The Alchemist Brewery. Plus Cabot Seriously Sharp, a bit of Gruyere and cornstarch.

1 can of beer  : 2 lbs of cheese = 2 fondue pots. 

Note that this is a dark beer and so the result will be brown colored. Still very tasty.

2019 was a pretty Boss year.

This was described as “the fondue that turned us all into cats”. I was cleaning up in the kitchen and could hear loud calls of “Cat head human body” (had no idea why), so I sauntered into the living room with a cat head on. We passed the cat head around.

Honestly, a typical party at our house.

Heady Cheddar et al

For a couple years running, we did a Heady Cheddar fondue, which is basically the above recipe but with Heady Topper.

When we first started out, I pulled recipes from a Fondue for Dummies book, which actually has some good recipes in it. I recommend the Monterey Jack w tequila.

My fondue pro tip: set a bowl of hot water between your flame and your fondue pot. This will act as the double boiler and prevent your fondue from scorching. ( I’ve learned the hard way 👻 )


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