Closing up the Summer

Despite earlier warnings of frost, Fall (and this Winter) didn’t make it’s way into our household until this weekend. Simple chores we’d been putting off took on greater urgency. This weekend was about hunkering down and prepping for the Snowpocalypse.

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Three Ways to Use Roasted Cherries

While listening to a food-related podcast recently, a guest or host mentioned roasted cherries. It was an off-hand mention with no further elaboration. It was enough to pique my interest. I had no idea what to do with roasted cherries, nor can I remember the context in which they were mentioned.

I fired up the oven to a warm 350 anyway set my washed fruit on the baking tray and the timer for 15 minutes. I decided to leave the pits in tact, in case they offered any flavor, and to keep the fruit as juicy as possible. Fifteen minutes proved not long enough.  In total I think they were in the oven for about 1/2 hour with one stir mid way through.
Roasted cherries

They turned out just like I imagined they would.

I pitted them after they cooled and found the flesh to be dense and meaty, with a deep, dark color. I kept them in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

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Camping Roundup Summer 2014

Dan and I made the most of this summer’s beautiful weekends with 5 camping trips between May and September–the most we’ve done in one season so far. We had two goals this year: to host one group camping trip with our friends, and to go to state parks we hadn’t been to before. In addition to Little River and Silver Lake, these are the other adventures: Continue reading

Barre Living

It’s full-blown summer now, and I am writing this post from the guest room of our new home in Barre. My impromptu desk is a bookcase on its side without its shelves. It is pushed against the wall under the sash of the north-facing window, whose sole view is the screen of green leaves of the trees bordering our parcel from the slope and vista of downtown Barre. Wait–you didn’t know we had a guest room? Continue reading

10 Gratitudes

Thanksgiving Day 34 years ago, my family made our way to America. My younger brother and our parents arrived in a snowy, dead-looking country. Like in the best of novels, we knew not how our worlds would expand or contract nor what our end papers would look like. As a child of war on this anniversary day, I amaze that I am still here, and I am grateful for the mercies the Sisters of Fate have granted me. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, following are 10 things I’m grateful for. It is by no means exhaustive—I could add scores more. Continue reading