Today was mostly centered around prepping the December Art Walk—getting the books, posters, venues signs, and memos out to the participating businesses. I also wrote and distributed the press release and calendar notice, as well as updated the web page. Continue reading


Why Wysocki

I cracked a new puzzle-assembling personal record last night—12 hours for a 1,000 piece Charles Wysocki puzzle.  When assembling on the table, it typically takes me an entire weekend. Assembling on the floor typically takes all week. I admit this print is stylistically the simplest of the Wysockis I’d assembled before.  Titled “Victorian Christmas”, it is a puzzle I’d purchased online earlier this summer but hadn’t put it together until now. Continue reading

Cemeteries of Catan

My gift for Dan’s birthday this year is a homemade scenario of Settlers of Catan, a board game that we have enjoyed playing recently. It’s called “Cemeteries of Catan” and utilizes his photos for Development Cards and a couple new Victory Point tiles. Continue reading

Workday Roundup: Monday, November 4

The start of a work week gives me such hope.  Of all the things I wanted to have checked off my to-do list, these are the top things that I was able to accomplish yesterday. I realize that this may not mean much for those of you not intimate with my day-to-day workings. Continue reading