What ARE You? A Granola?

Today’s Principle: Least Effort

The principle of Least Effort maintains that as long as one is engaging in doing what one truly loves, the rewards will come with little or the least amount of effort. Sometimes one will wonder why they’ve deserved to be so lucky.

I recently discovered the joyous ease of making granola. I’ve been working with Mark Bittman’s basic recipe from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. I’m not a strict recipe adherent, and so have made several variations on his formula until settling on my own version, which yields a loose (non-clumpy) blend of nutty, tart and sweet flavors.

Granola is something I ate often when I could, but I found it quite expensive, even in bulk at the local food co-op. So even though the combination of ingredients themselves is not cheap, I find the homemade variety much more satisfying to eat. Ā I keep my granola in a reused plastic tub with a tight-fitting lid. Every time I open it, the aroma of toasted oats, nuts and berries reminds me of the joys of living in Vermont. During a snow storm like this, I often need reminding.

[photo by Daniel W. Barlow]

The recipe for this week’s batch goes something like this:

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