Recipe: Fish and Cicada Jaew

This is a bulk recipe made for a large gathering, or about a year’s worth.



Mortar and pestle (6 quart capacity?)


Broil or roast on a grill the following:

6 large jalapeños

6 shallots

3 whole garlic bulbs

According to my mother, you could wait until after a heavy rain and pick the cicadas off the bushes, or wherever you find them. But the best ones are found in Fort Meyers, where she goes to buy them freshly bagged (and still live) from harvesters who probably sell them at a local farmer’s market.  They’re sold in snack-sized Ziplock bags (fits about a dozen) for $5/bag, a much better value than the $5 frozen 3-packs found in most Asian markets. Sure they come from Thailand, but how many people are three bugs going to feed?

[Toasted cicadas]

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