Today was mostly centered around prepping the December Art Walk—getting the books, posters, venues signs, and memos out to the participating businesses. I also wrote and distributed the press release and calendar notice, as well as updated the web page. Continue reading


Busy-ness as Usual

Overbooked as usual today, but managed to arrive early enough to City Hall that I got to chat with two different staffers on project updates before I rushed to the 8:30 meeting of the Montpelier Business Association, a monthly meeting of business owners. Continue reading

Workday Roundup: Monday, November 4

The start of a work week gives me such hope.  Of all the things I wanted to have checked off my to-do list, these are the top things that I was able to accomplish yesterday. I realize that this may not mean much for those of you not intimate with my day-to-day workings. Continue reading

Open Letter to People Who Found My Blog Accidentally

Inspired by Amy at Lucy’s Football, I looked at searches that led readers to this blog. And oh boy, I had no idea what you all were looking for! My blog doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as hers, so I pulled up everything from the life of this blog—say, this spring when I transitioned to WordPress: Continue reading

A brief update of activity

I haven’t posted as much as I should about what I’ve been up to (busy doing it!), so here’s a run-down of some of the things I’ve been meaning to tell you about these past few years.

Pie & Poetry 2013

  1. This video collaboration
  2. This walking project
  3. I just joined the roster of this blog (they are also having a funding campaign HERE)
  4. Got grilled by Steve Pappas on TV
  5. Got grilled by Keith Vance on TV
  6. Got grilled by Cassandra Hemenway on TV
  7. Got grilled by Shelagh Shapiro on her podcast
  8. Made this partnership happen
  9. A poem in here
  10. 4 poems in here
  11. Growing this project
  12. Won these awards (edit: this link no longer works. Disabled, for now)
  13. Helped these people do this
  14. Therefore, I earn the my keep on the faculty roster here

That’s a good enough list for now. More as things progress. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Oh yeah, in case you forgot, I live here.

Rainy Art Walk 2013

Camp Stove Converts

I’m the default cook in the kitchen, and it’s still the case when we go camping for the weekend. I plan the meals, prep the components and make it happen onsite. For this I’m rewarded with numerous kisses.

We’d been cooking at camp over the open fire, as we did according to our memories growing up—the hot dogs on a stick, the s’mores, the coffee in its blue percolator. Opening the tent up to the warm, fruity aroma of coffee can’t be beat, nor can the burnt crustiness of a scorched hot dog. It’s what gives camping its charm and the enjoyment of nature its naughtiness.

But when the wood is wet, or the fire isn’t lighting, and it takes an hour to boil water, roughing it takes its toll. And since Dan’s in charge of the fire and I’m in charge of the food, it’s a real situation when he can’t make fire because I haven’t made coffee because he hasn’t made fire…

One of the many changes we made to our camping routine this year was to cook by propane stove. It was all Dan’s idea.

DB Cooking at Half Moon 2013

Firing it up for pancakes at Half Moon Pond.

But it’s made camping so much easier for the both of us. It gives both of us agency—Dan can make his coffee when he wants it, and I can make a cooking fire when I need it. The biggest and best changes are that  (a) it has cut down on total prep/cook/clean up time, allowing us to do other stuff, like hiking and (b) it has allowed us to expand our menu to include things like seared salmon with balsamic fig vinaigrette.

Now that we’re no longer “roughing it”, I am taking much more seriously my role as camp cook. I chop, cut, measure and mix before hand as much as I can so that we take only what is necessary. I’ve whittled us down to three essential stovetop pieces: the coffee pot, the 8” cast iron skillet, and the All-Clad double burner griddle.

We’re cleaning up and stowing our gear for next summer. During the offseason, I will still try to plan our menus and perfect the camp kitchen. I asked Dan what recipe I should share with this post, and he suggested goat cheese quesadillas, something we had just about every trip. It’s been our go-to Friday eve dinner, since it’s deliciously filling and doesn’t require much effort.


Don’t forget the salsa and sour cream!

We got the inspiration from Campfire Cuisine by Robin Donovan (Random House, 2013). But who needs a recipe? It’s just tortillas and some goat cheese. We swear by Vermont Creamery.

Our model was a Coleman Perfectflow Instastart 2 burner stove. Coleman did not pay me to endorse this product. Photos are mine, taken from this summer. 


Camping Season 2013 FTW

2013 Venture Vermont Challenge