Work-related update

I celebrated my 1-yr work anniversary last month and yesterday, my new title was announced, along with some more newsy staff changes. I’m now Director of Operations for LION Publishers. I’ve updated my bio in the about section here. Read the announcement here.

We’re a fully dispersed remote team working across time zones. So while stay-at-home orders affected the working situations of my friends and neighbors, I had seven months of it already.

That’s not to say that a year in, we’ve got it all figured out. So this next year, I’ll be working on smoothing the edges of our operations, figuring out the systems that work best for us, creating efficiencies and workflows that help us to deliver our mission more effectively.

That’s just one part of the job. I’ll try to be more regular with work-related updates from now on. And in case you’re wondering what Dan’s been up to: he’s advocating for more humane and equitable healthcare for all of us as executive director of Business Leaders for Health Care Transformation.

Some days it’s back to back Zoom meetings. At least this summer I could take them from the front porch.

Workday Roundup: Monday, November 4

The start of a work week gives me such hope.  Of all the things I wanted to have checked off my to-do list, these are the top things that I was able to accomplish yesterday. I realize that this may not mean much for those of you not intimate with my day-to-day workings. Continue reading

The VDP crew on the porch of the Lake House

The Working Lunch

For the past two and a half years at Montpelier Alive, I’ve learned that I couldn’t eat at my desk. The work day is always too crammed full of work that I succumb to it whenever I’m at my desk. Or knowing my luck, I’d have someone stop by while I tried to eat and would abandon my food in order to help them. My office had been a revolving door of half-eaten donuts, forgotten chocolate bars, and crusty yogurt containers.

I had taken to eating my lunch out in order to make myself eat any food at all. I knew it would NEVER get eaten if it made its way back to my office. This always meant eating at a local restaurant. Lucky for me, Montpelier is full of great places to eat. But it’s heavy on the pocketbook. So imagine my surprise when earlier this fall, I packed a lunch of leftovers and ate the entire meal.  I posted a photo of it to Facebook and my followers were interacting with it in a way that made up for being solo in my office.

The response to that Facebook post was enough to motivate me to pack a few more meals from home. My tiffin carrier even inspired one of my friends to purchase one at her local coop. It became a fun way to have lunch with 1,500+ people at the same time. (Once I sign up for a Google+ account, there’ll be no stopping me!) Continue reading